Gas Fires

Efficient Gas Fires & Stoves

All of our Gas fires and Stoves have a clear sealed glass frontage which greatly increases the efficiency, combustion control and cleanliness of the fire.   Most are available with fan systems and remote control upon request.

Canterbury Gas Dallas Gas Eco 1050 Gas Eco 650 Gas
Gas Freestanding Fires
Vento 50 Gas Fire Vento 70 B Gas Fire Vento 80 C Gas Fire Vento 100c Gas Fire
Built in gas fires
Unica 52/65 Unica 300 Unica 100 Unica 70
Insert gas fires

Open Combustion Systems

Gas fired fires with an open flue system take the air from the room  in which the appliance is situated to burn the gas . .  The gases created from the combustion inside the fire are then extracted via a separate single lined flue, this flue can be installed into an existing chimney or newly installed and treated as a built in fire where the fire and the flue are then enclosed. 

Balanced Flue Systems

Gas burning fires and stoves with a balanced flue system obtain the air needed for the gas to burn via a combined supply and outlet system.  All of our balanced flue system fires have a sealed glass frontage.  The air that is used for combustion enters through the outer part of the flue pipe then the  gases created inside the fire in the burning process are expelled via the inner part of the flue pipe. Balanced flue systems do not need an existing chimney so can be fitted as free standing units and built in units (and in some cases also within an existing chimney but this would need to be agreed by on site survey of the fireplace first).